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A couple of Command line utilities one winsock based the other dotNet4. to ping a specific port.

Usage mfpping Host|IP port


They both return;

0 Successful Connection

256 Connection Timeout

512 Other Error e.g. Incorrect syntax.

I use this in a couple of places on my mail server to ensure Anti Virus is up before bringing up the mail server and also for testing port 554 on App-V 4 streaming servers.


App-V4 Tools

Here are a couple of little command line tools I wrote for AppV4.

They use the WMI  interface into the client.



This reports all the installed applications.


This reports the installed packages.

It can be used with some command line options.

-fullcache  only report on 100% cached Packages



-nocache only report on 0% cached Packages

-partcache Reports anything between 1% and 99% cached

Yes we could have used sftmime /query obj:xxx  but this formats
better for reporting and accepts the > redirect

Note the reason for the command line  Options were we found
people were sealing vdisk images to early and ending up with part cached applications.